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Air Suspension System


 First, the system automatically adjusts air pressure in the air bag so that the trailer always rides at the same height, whether lightly loaded or heavily loaded. This allows the suspension system to always provide the maximum usable wheel travel independent of trailer load. In addition, the higher air bag pressure associated with higher trailer loads, automatically provides a stiffer suspension which is exactly what is required for a smooth ride. 

Air Suspension System seminar report

The lower air bag pressure for lightly loaded conditions, automatically provides for a softer suspension, thus providing the same ride quality for all trailer loading conditions. Since each axle is independently supported by its own air bag, the air ride suspension is a truly, fully independent suspension system.The automatic control of the air bag pressure is accomplished by a solid state electronic control system specifically designed and packaged for vehicle use. This system continuously monitors the "ride height" of the trailer suspension and increases air pressure if the ride height is too low, by turning on an on-board air compressor.  


      At this time it is important to note that the following discussions are generic in nature. There are many different types and manufacturers of air suspensions and many different ways they are put together. Even different chassis’s built by the same manufacturer can be different in some ways. There are different air bag, air tank and valve arrangements. When dealing with suspension issues, it is critical that you obtain plumbing and wiring diagrams for the specific chassis that you are working on.

Table of contents

1.1    Preface                                                      
1.2   Suspension System
      1.2.1  Introduction to Suspension System
      1.2.2  Objective of Suspension System
Problem definition

 2.1 General Problems Without Suspension                                                          
 2.2   Problems in Spring Suspension 
Literature review

   3.1 Leaf Spring
   3.2 Air Spring
   3.3 Air Suspension

Basic air suspension

  4.1 What is an Air Suspension ?
  4.2 Components of Air Suspension
  4.2.1 The Air Supply
  4.2.2  Air Bags
  4.2.3 Height control Valve
  4.3  How the Air Suspension Functions?
  4.4 Advantages



Objectives of Suspension system

1.      A suspension system prevents road shocks from being transmitted to the vehicle, its inmates and the automotive components.

Problems in Spring Suspension

The conventional metal springs faced some drawbacks which were air suspension system overcomes and so they are preferred and used in more these days. Let's see some of the plus points of this system.

Leaf Spring

Leaf springs in one form or another have been used since the Romans suspended a two-wheeled vehicle called a Pilentum on elastic wooden poles. The first steel spring put on a vehicle was a single flat plate installed on carriages by the French in the 18th century.

How the air suspension functions

The vehicle is supported on the frame with an arrangement of airbags. The vehicle air system, engine air compressor, tanks, lines, etc., supplies air to the height control valves (HCV) mounted to the frame of the vehicle. The height control valves are connected to the air bags with an air line. The linkage which connects the HCVs to the axles rotates the HCV valving as it moves up and down. When weight is added to the vehicle or transferred through the suspension of the vehicle, the air in the air bag(s) is compressed, the frame moves closer to the axle.


From the whole discussion in air suspension system, I observe that the system is like a white blood cell .As white blood cell provides energy to our body to fight against diseases or viruses which try to destroy or try to decrease our life ,in the similar way air suspension system provides the energy to a vehicle to protect itself from damaging, increasing life of the vehicle ,increases the handing , increases comfort of passengers and many more.


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