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A virtual keyboard is actually a key-in device, roughly a size of a fountain pen, which uses highly advanced laser technology, to project a full sized keyboard on to a flat surface. Since the invention of computers they had undergone rapid miniaturization. Disks and components grew smaller in size, but only component remained same for decades -its keyboard. Since miniaturization of a traditional keyboard is very difficult we go for virtual keyboard. Here, a camera tracks the finger movements of the typist to get the correct keystroke. A virtual keyboard is a keyboard that a user operates by typing on or within a wireless or optical -dectable surface or area rather than by depressing physical keys.

Since their invention, computers have undergone rapid miniaturization from being a 'space saver' to 'as tiny as your palm'. Disks and components grew smaller in size, but one component still remained the same for decades - it's the keyboard. Miniaturization of keyboard had proved nightmare for users. Users of PDAs and smart phones are annoyed by the tiny size of the keys. The new innovation Virtual Keyboard uses advanced technologies to project a full-sized computing key-board to any surface. This device has become the solution for mobile computer users who prefer to do touch-typing than cramping over tiny keys. Typing information into mobile devices usually feels about as natural as a linebacker riding a Big Wheel. Virtual Keyboard is a way to eliminate finger cramping. All that's needed to use the keyboard is a flat surface. Using laser technology, a bright red image of a keyboard is projected from a device such as a handheld. Detection technology based on optical recognition allows users to tap the images of the keys so the virtual keyboard behaves like a real one. It's designed to support any typing speed.


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