Friday, July 15

Computer Cluster Seminar Reports

About Computer Cluster

A computer cluster is a group of loosely coupled computers that work together closely so that in many respects it can be viewed as though it were a single computer. Clusters are commonly connected through fast local area networks. Clusters are usually deployed to improve speed and/or reliability over that provided by a single computer, while typically being much more cost-effective than single computers of comparable speed or reliability. 

Cluster computing has emerged as a result of convergence of several trends including the availability of inexpensive high performance microprocessors and high speed networks, the development of standard software tools for high performance distributed computing. Clusters have evolved to support applications ranging from ecommerce, to high performance database applications. Clustering has been available since the 1980s. Cluster computing can also be used as a relatively low-cost form of parallel processing for scientific and other applications that lend themselves to parallel operations.

Talking Email

Talking Email allows users to record a free voice message of up to 30 seconds in duration and send it as an email message. The service has the capability to deliver the message to thousands of users simultaneously. Additionally, users can post their voice message as a link embedded on a Web page. As the popularity of this service grew, meeting the demand require a scalable computing platform architecture.

Parallel And Distributed Data Mining

Clusters have proved themselves to be very effective for a variety of data mining applications. The data mining process involves both compute and data intensive operations.


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