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SkyBus Technology

About the Technology

The fixed structure at 8 meters height above road level provides the support and guidance for powered bogies which can run at 100 kmph, with the coach shells suspended below, carry passengers in air conditioned comfort, can follow existing road routes, while existing traffic on roads continue. It is aesthetically pleasing and there is no concern of  a claustrophobic feeling for road users. Aesthetic, and eco-friendly, the Sky Bus is protected against derailment, toppling or collision – by design as well as by construction, hence is safer than the existing rail based system. At the cost of Rs. 50 Crore per km. in India, the system is noise – free and pollution – free with a capacity to transport 36000 passengers per hour (pph), scalable to 72,000 pph as required.  

Sky Bus Metro – An Alternative

The Sky Bus technology offered by Konkan Railway Corporation meets the above requirements, and re-defines the thinking and planning for urban transport being an Eco-friendly Mass urban transport system revolutionizing urban life. It is a patented technology developed for the new millennium and will cause a paradigm shift in urban transportation all over the world. Being an indigenous technology, it will place India on the forefront of the Rapid Transit Industry all over the world while providing the much needed alternative transportation solution, which is financially viable, environment friendly, synergizing well proven existing cutting edge technologies.  


The most precious asset in growing urban areas is land. After its allocation for residential and commercial purposes hardly 6 % to a maximum of 18 % of land in cities forms road ways. The road ways once laid almost remain constant and indeed may be effectively reduced by uncontrolled encroachments.  

Why Sky Bus Delivers More Than Conventional Railways  – In Terms Of Headways.

The critical factor for deciding the headway is the time taken at the station, the turn around time for the gates to open and close and the time taken at the traverser. A Sky Bus unit comes to a stop 5 m. short of the traverser. The traverser has 6.5 m. traversing distance assumed to move at 1.3 m./sec/sec. The headway can be 30 seconds – and so assuming initially 60 seconds is absolutely practical.  In conventional trains, which are 200 m. long and using the conventional points and crossings, the time taken to reverse at depot to change line means cover double the length of the train plus the additional distances over points and crossings all at an average speed of 20 kmph., therefore will take 90 seconds.


             Sky Bus system not only redefines the urban mass transport for cities, but also provides for efficient automated container delivery system from point to point, following existing roads and brings down the cost of service while improving quality. 


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