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Wireless Fidelity


        Wi-Fi, which stands for “Wireless Fidelity”, is a radio technology that networks computers so they connect to each other and to the Internet without wires. It refers to wireless LAN products based on the IEEE 802.11b specification. Users can share documents and projects, as well as an Internet connection among various computer stations. A Wi-Fi network operates just like a wired network, without restrictions imposed by wires .Not only does it enable users to move around and be mobile at home and at work, it also provides easy connections to the internet and business networks while travelling.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) 

        It provide the most robust security solutions for corporate LANs and are already widely used for intranets and remote access. A VPN typically utilizes a dedicated server that provides both authentication and confidentiality. Wireless Access Points are also beginning to include VPN technologies within their devices, allowing simplified VPN deployment.A VPN works through the VPN server at the company head quarters, creating an encryption scheme for data transferred to computers outside the corporate offices.


        Wi-Fi uses radio technology called IEEE 802.11b to provide secure ,reliable,fast wireless connectivity. A Wi-Fi network can be used to connect computers to each other, to the internet and to the wired networks. Though WLANs are easy to deploy, the network administrator or IT professional will benefit from some basic knowledge about radio wave propagation.


Wi-Fi, or Wireless Fidelity is freedom: it allows you to connect to the internet from your couch at home, in  a  hotel room or a conferance room at work without wires . Wi-Fi is a  wireless technology like a cell phone. Wi-Fi enabled computers send and  receive data indoors and out; anywhere within the range of a base station. And the best thing of all, it is fast. However  you only have true freedom  to be connected any where if your computer is configured with a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED radio (a PC card or similar device). Wi-Fi certification  means that you will be able able to  connect anywhere there  are other Wi-Fi  CERTIFIED products – whether you are at home ,office , airports, coffee shops and other public areas equipped  with a Wi-Fi access availability.Wi-Fi will be a major face behind hotspots , to a much greater extent.More than 400 airports and hotels in the US are targeted as Wi-Fi  hotspots.


        Wi-Fi  provides freedom: freedom to physically move around your home or business and still stay connected to the internet or local network; freedom to grow and move an office or business without having to install new cables and wires, freedom to be connected while travelling and on the road .Wireless ‘hotspots’(airports, hotels, coffee shops, convention centers and any  other place where someone can connect to a wireless network ) are being installed world while .


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