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What is E-Waste?

                             Electronic waste or e-waste is any broken or unwanted electrical or electronic appliance. E-waste includes computers, entertainment electronics, mobile phones and other items that have been discarded by their original users.

                                   E-waste is the inevitable by-product of a technological revolution. Driven primarily by faster, smaller and cheaper microchip technology, society is experiencing an evolution in the capability of electronic appliances and personal electronics. For all its benefits, innovation brings with it the byproduct of rapid obsolescence. According to the EPA, nationally, an estimated 5 to 7 million tons of computers, televisions, stereos, cell phones, electronic appliances and toys, and other electronic gadgets become obsolete every year. According to various reports, electronics comprise approximately 1 – 4 percent of the municipal solid waste stream. The electronic waste problem will continue to grow at an accelerated rate. Electronic, or e-waste, refers to electronic products being discarded by consumers.


• Conduct environmental contamination evaluation of typical e-waste recycling sites.

•          Study body loading of different toxic chemicals in human milk, placenta and hair samples collected from workers and local residents.

•          Assess toxic effects of different toxic chemicals generated during the e-waste recycling processes, by means of bioassay tests.

•          Assess fates of toxic chemicals, in different ecological compartments; and uptake & bioaccumulation in workers (& local residents) using different models.

Recycle E-Waste

E-Waste can be recycled. Some components of E-Waste such as precious metals have considerable value on the recycling market, but frequently are difficult and expensive to process (dismantle, clean and sort) because of their toxicity.

USA has a state contract for schools and school districts, colleges and universities and state agencies to use to recycle computers and other electronic equipment


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