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IRIS Biometric For Person Identification : Seminar Report and PPT

A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system that operates by acquiring biometric data from an individual, extracting a feature vector from the acquired data, comparing this feature vector from the database feature vector. Person authentication has always been an attractive goal in computer vision. Authentication systems based on human characteristics such as face, finger, iris and voice are known Biometrics systems. The basis of every biometric system is to get the input image and generate prominent feature vectors like color, texture, etc.

The Iris of a human being has been historically recognized to possess characteristics unique to each individual and so the feature vector extracted from it also is also unique. Iris scan biometrics exploits the unique characteristics and feature vector of the human iris in order to identify an individual. With new technologies the eyes are more than “windows to our soul”. People are carrying with them a living key or password that will never be forgotten and will always be there. The technology is available now through work in computer vision, pattern recognition, and man-machine interface to create a reliable lock that a person’s iris pattern will open.
Iris scan biometrics exploits the unique characteristics and features of the human iris in order to identify an individual. This iris is the area of the eye where the pigmented or colored circle, usually brown or blue, rings the dark pupil of the eye. The iris is the pigmented tissue in the eyeball that surrounds the pupil, and consists of the muscles that adjust the size intricate details that can be measured, such as striations, pits, and furrows. The resulting patterns in the iris is created at random during the early growth period and is fixed about two years after the birth, and remains unchanged for the rest of one’s life.

The amount of information that can be measured in a single iris is much greater than any other biometrics such as fingerprints, face, voice etc,. And the accuracy is greater than DNA. Iris scanning is considered a particular accurate identification technology because the characteristic of the iris does not change during a person’s lifetime, and there are several hundred variables in an iris, which can be measured. This iris scanning is fast: it does not take longer than one or two seconds.


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